Spring Awakening

So it's been awhile.


I've let a lot of people down with my lack of writing on this site -- most importantly, I've let myself down. A few weeks ago, the good folks in the MIT Office of Admissions linked to my "It's More Than A Job" entry on their forum for non-admitted applicants. I received several emails from kids who had applied to MIT, thanking me for words I wrote in 2006. After all this time, my blogging is apparently still making a difference in the world... at MIT. Talk about a wake-up call.

But what about blogging here at Oberlin?

I have every excuse in the book, but I don't really want to get into those at the moment. Maybe in a future entry. To make a very long story short, most of what I want to write about might be considered too controversial -- a level of institutional transparency unbecoming of a VP -- and this fear has crippled my ability to blog thus far.

When I started this job I envisioned all sorts of new freedoms -- the benefits of climbing the org chart. And to a certain extent, many of those perceived freedoms have proven true - but blogging has been an exception, and a significant one. I need to figure out if that's based in reality, or only in my head.

If it is indeed a reality, it's time for me to hang up the blogging hat. I don't want to insult my readers (or myself) by simply blogging for the sake of blogging and writing a bunch of hollow garbage. Umagazinology hits the nail on the head here.

So what now? Time will tell. But it's time for one more shot at this. Let's see what happens.

Responses To This Entry:

Here are all my immediate and badly formed thoughts:

- YAY for any blogging whatsoever from you. I find your voice to be so important-as an alumnus, as someone still very in touch with the student body, and as an upper-level administrator who knows the inner workings. The combination of those things is really and actually unique, and hearing your point of view is always a huge help to all of us to understand things more clearly. You're also a beautiful writer.

- It makes me sad on an everyday basis (sometimes multiple times a day) that you don't seem to be tackling the things that you really love. You're a great manager, a really inspiring boss, and wonderful at moving the projects of others along. That is not to be scoffed at. But, Ben Jones, I want to see *your* ideas. I want to get inspired by the amazing things you come up with for Admissions, the Alumni Magazine, current students, or anything. I suspect that you've been putting aside your own ideas that are of such benefit to the institution and beyond, and that is deeply upsetting to me.

- Now *I* need to do some blogging, cause I'm also guilty.

- You're insisting we go to the Feve now.

Posted by: Brandi on March 29, 2011 4:36 PM

If only we were all so lucky to get our blog comments interrupted by a trip the Feve.

First order of business: Ben, were you referencing the Wedekind play specifically in your title?

Secondly, I fully support you taking a critical look at whether or not you're able to blog about everything you want to blog about. If you can't, I'd rather you do what work you can to change that fact rather than agonize over wanting to blog but not being able to.

How are you going to figure out whether you can blog or not?

Posted by: Lillie on March 29, 2011 5:01 PM