New Source/OnCampus

Dear three people who faithfully read my blog,

Your loyalty to this rarely-updated mess of a site is about to be rewarded: you will be among the first to see our new internal (campus) communications project, which combines the weekly Source e-newsletter and OnCampus website into a new homepage designed specifically for the campus community, a daily online news magazine and one-stop-shop of information relevant to current students, faculty, and staff.

Note that this is an alpha release, limited to a small circle of interested folks, and won't be in public beta for a bit, so content is likely to be simple placeholder text and/or outdated in various places.

Some quick notes:

  • This moves the Source to a daily web-based publication with new content each day, in response to overwhelming feedback from students and faculty who say they often don't read the Source in its current format. The new web-based Source will become the default homepage on public campus computers. Folks who still wish to receive the weekly e-newsletter will be able to do so.
  • This new site also creates targeted homepages for students and faculty/staff, content to be determined over time, but with the goal of being truly useful to each audience (unlike the main homepage, which is primarily designed for an external audience).
  • You'll notice increased interactivity with the new Source. The President's column will now accept comments, much like a blog, and we'll feature weekly roundtable discussions on current events with a rotation of faculty and students (and the community, via comments). We'll also be bringing back a letters-to-the-editor section, which many faculty have requested (this tool for campus dialogue used to be a very popular feature of the Observer).
  • The entire site is running on Philo, the new content management system that our web team has been developing in-house over the last year or so. This is a key milestone for us, and will likely lead to a vastly improved web experience for all of down the road.
  • Upgrades to the classifieds and events calendar are forthcoming but not in this release, so those tabs link to the current applications for now.

Temporary link is here:

A huge thanks to Harris, Joseph, Stephen, Cary, Cindy, Terrance, and everyone else who worked tirelessly to make this possible.

Please feel free to send me any feedback via email or post in the comments of this entry. This will be an ongoing project for several months, so we likely won't be able to implement all suggestions before public release, but we'll do our best. I look forward to your thoughts!