Goals For The Second Year

Having recently reflected on the status of last year's goals, I now provide you with a list of my top-level goals for the second year. As always, let me know if there's anything you think I should add.

  1. Design and implement new CMS.
  2. Improve Oberlin's presence across all major social media.
  3. Work with CIT, the faculty Ed Tech committee, the folks at CILC, and others to centralize technology vision discussions and ensure that the topic has proper representation at the senior staff table.
  4. Write and blog more.
  5. Continue success of Communications Fellowship program by providing Aries and Mike with the same experience that Lillie and Shane had.
  6. Get to know more students and faculty.
  7. Establish academic department "beat system" and create additional channels for flow of news story ideas.
  8. Sustain recent level of media placement.
  9. Finalize new logo/identity/styleguide and implement campus-wide.
  10. Reduce annual campus-wide print and postage expenditures by $500,000.
  11. Complete implementation of new internal communications strategy, including new internal homepage, web-based daily Source, and digital signage project.
  12. Work with admissions to carefully audit all recruitment and yield communications and adjust as necessary. Incorporate more student-produced writing and media. Continue success in migrating focus of Fearless campaign from tagline to vehicle.
  13. Support Development in producing a strategy and plan for all development communications; raise participation to 50% simply through better communications.
  14. Support the Capital Campaign (strategy, web, print).
  15. Support initiatives related to the Green Arts District (strategy, web, print, media).
  16. Collect 1000 Oberlin Stories by November 2009.
  17. Successfully move entire office to new building.
  18. Keep staff happy and inspired.
  19. Prioritize / manage time better. Delegate.

Responses To This Entry:

No. 5: IMPOSSIBLE! Same Experience? Ha.

But a good experience I wish them both nonetheless.


I'd love more detail re: goal No. 2 — maybe a separate post would be in order regarding your vision of Oberlin's presence in social media. What does that mean? How much will be *official* and how much would be Obies getting out there on behalf of the school? Should some of the work of young alumni volunteers be directed specifically toward advocating for Oberlin via teh interwebz?

Oh, and a general comment: can your posts have a date on the page pretty please?

Posted by: Lillie on July 12, 2009 3:59 AM


1) My bad, I meant to say "equally AWESOME."

2) No problem, I'll write an entry on this topic asap. We had a great meeting about it last week with the web team and Aries.

3) Good call - I'll fix that.

4) Are you still obsessed with Bakesale Betty's?

Posted by: Ben on July 13, 2009 10:30 AM

1. How is the new CMS coming along? I'm super curious. If there's any way I can help beta test or something, let me know!

3. I was really glad you came to the EdTech meeting a couple months ago. I think Oberlin could be more proactive when it comes to a technology vision. I'm excited for the possibilities.

4. Yes! Please!

16. I'm sorry I haven't submitted my story yet. Once I'm done with this summer program, it'll come. I promise.

Posted by: Ezra S on July 15, 2009 6:15 AM

Hi Ezra!

Joseph is hard at work on the CMS and we hope to have it ready for the early fall. I'll let him know that you're interested in beta testing...

No worries on the story - I look forward to reading it when it's finished! :-)


Posted by: Ben on July 15, 2009 4:41 PM